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A journal dedicated to the fanfiction I write under the penname The Mangosity on FanFiction.Net. I'll mostly be writing about Kingdom Hearts, hence the journal title "Till Kingdom Come." Hopefully that's how long I'll be a fan! And hopefully that's how long you'll be reading my stories! :) I hope you enjoy!

Thank Sora
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This story was written for the kh-drabble community here at LiveJournal (kh-drabble.livejournal.com). The prompt was birthdays, and so I wound up writing about Riku's. Enjoy!

Thank Sora2Thank Sora

Naminé uses her knowledge of Sora's memory to give Riku a special surprise. Pre KHII. Riku's POV.


Here's to the Future
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I'm not sure yet exactly what I want to do with this journal, but its theme will probably have something to do with writing and fanfiction. I really enjoy writing, and although I have my own original works and ideas, fanfiction will always be a hobby of mine (or at least I hope it will!). Regardless of what I ultimately wind up posting in this journal, my only hope is that I have fun with whatever the future brings. 


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